About us


Marché Milton Parc (MMP) is a rejuvenated convenience store that replaces Dépanneur Lindell which our family has operated and served customers in the neighborhood since 1987. 

Located in the heart of Milton Park district – so called “McGill Ghetto” where community residents, university students and professionals form the majority of its population - our store offers typical convenience items such as snacks, drinks, beers and liquors. What’s more, our store has been offering our customers a variety of indoor houseplants & outdoor annuals as well as flower arrangements which ultimately made our store nicknamed as “Flower-Dép” in the neighborhood.

In this year and beyond, we are introducing our customers with a new line of products & service such as:

  • Dried & Preserved flower bouquet & gifts
  • Air plants and terrarium arrangement
  • Variety of quality planters, soils mix and accessories 
  • Asian style “grab & go” food & dessert
  • Online shop and local delivery

Our mission is to offer and serve our customers with affordable convenience items, fresh & preserved flowers, houseplants and take-out food without compromising quality and freshness.